Feb 02, 2017 08:57 AM EST

Career Talk: Huge Pay Gap Between College Graduates And Undergrads

Earning a college degree is one of the best ways to have a successful career. However, we have to face it that not everyone is lucky enough to continue and pursue a college education. And now, the pay gap between college graduates and undergrads seem to widen. How does this affect one’s job and career?

For those Americans who are only holding high school diplomas seems to be already left behind by those degree holders. This is becoming more evident if you will base it on their economic lives and most of all their financial stability. The gap somehow reached the widest point wherein a lot of Americans might soon be losing their economic ground.

According to USA Today, since the recession ended last 2009, college graduate workers were able to get job offers and at the same time were paid well. While those who are undergrads have a hard time getting employed. Aside from that, the pay also shows a big difference from what college graduate workers are getting.

With how the economy is going right now, college graduate workers seem to become more dominant. Carnevale's research found out that last year, 36% of workers were college graduates while 34% are high school graduates. This kind of trend indicates that there is indeed a greater demand for well-educated or degree holder workers in different industries.

College graduates are already enjoying and savoring the fruit of their educational achievements. They have been gaining a lot of economic benefits compare to those undergrads, according to reports.

Given this kind of situation, a lot of experts think that the best thing to do is to encourage more students to continue their college education. For those who cannot afford to go to college, then the best thing to do is obtain additional skills that can help you excel even more. This only shows that one’s educational attainment is already a dividing line between one American to another.

Meanwhile, Jobs & Hire reported that when it comes to job hunting, one’s college may or may not play a big role.

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