Mar 07, 2017 10:18 AM EST

When To Quit Your Job And Go After Your Dreams

We always ask ourselves when is the opportune moment to change jobs, leave the budding career, and go after what we’ve always truly wanted to do in life (if we aren’t already doing what we love). We tell ourselves that it’s when we have enough money to support ourselves, when we have enough experience, but successful millennials say that we shouldn’t wait for those things; we should do it right now.

A Forbes article by contributor Kaytie Zimmerman contains advice from many millennials who have switched careers to chase after their passions. The most common answer to the question “when” is “right now.”

There's no such thing as the "right time."

According to the CEO of Clear Financial Michael Rangel, there is never the right time to go after your dreams. He adds that there will never be enough money, no right amount of knowledge or connections made.

Rangel urges millennials to stop waiting for that perfect or right time, writes Forbes. Sure, it’s easier said than done and Rangel knows this. Will it be hard? Yes. Will be challenging? Absolutely. But will it be life-giving and rewarding? 100 percent.

Other millennials shared that they wished they had made the career switch earlier in their lives. CEO of ScrappyLock Dr. Paul McNeil said that he made the unknown and fear control him, when he should have been pursuing his entrepreneurial dreams earlier in his life.

Be selfish.

That’s right. You should be selfish because at this point in your life, you can be, says CEO of Blend, Akash Nigam.

He says that young adults generally only have themselves to support, to care for, writes Forbes. They can use that stage in their life to be selfish, think about what they want—to dream.

The beauty of youth is that it means the young are curious, wide-eyed, and naïve. For instance, CEO of Outdoor Voices Tyler Haney stated that if she weren't naive, she wouldn't have asked to be present in all the interviews in the offices to gain experience, reports Jobs & Hire. 

That curiosity, that drive will propel you forward and let you push boundaries.

Act now

Of course, you do not have to automatically quit your job right away, move homes, abandon your entire life on your quest for happiness. You can always start with small things, work on your passions on the side: a project here and there, freelance work, part time jobs, weekend fairs, etc.

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