Mar 08, 2017 08:29 PM EST

Habits To Avoid If You Want To Save Your Career

It takes a certain kind of person to be able to pinpoint his or her own issues. Arrogant people shun criticism and think that the way they do things should stay as is despite the problem that it causes other people.

Looking directly at our own faults is an extremely difficult task. We want to believe that we are perfect the way we are. While that may be true in some aspect, we need to perfectly identify our weaknesses and bad habits if we want to clinch the promotion or bonus that we always dream of.

According to Fast Company report, being disorganized might be keeping us from moving up the career ladder. Without allotting enough time to planning and coordinating with our colleagues, we are running the risk of being unreliable at all times.

Some may say that being disorganized is acceptable especially when we have too much on our plate. The key is to always make sure that we have enough time to completely finish tasks before accepting new ones. We should not try to juggle everything at once because the projects that we are handling will always end up haphazardly done, Wanderlust Worker reported.

Unprofessional attitude will also hinder career improvement. While it is acceptable to joke around colleagues, we should make sure that we do not cross boundaries and end up offending people.

In addition, being the team complainer instead of the team player will hamper our professional growth. If there is a serious issue concerning the project that we are handling, we should learn to raise it to the proper channel. We should not go around badmouthing people who may or may not be responsible for the issue.

For those who are in charge of handling people, Jobs & Hire previously reported that there are career stages that managers should keep in mind when evaluating employees.

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