Mar 09, 2017 11:09 AM EST

Steps To Take When Career Anxiety Strikes

Worrying about how and where your career is going is normal, but suffering from career anxiety should be avoided. Employees do suffer from career anxiety regardless of their status.

Employees may be working for the best company under the best boss in an amazing environment, but those things do not stop career anxiety from sinking in. When it strikes, it can negatively impact employees' performance in and out of the office.

While it is easy to say not to give in to false warning signs, it is a difficult thing to execute. According to a report by Forbes, knowing when the warning signs are true or not would help employees determine if they need to take actions.

Most of the time, the feeling that everything will fall apart is just needless worrying. However, if employees can pinpoint the exact source of worries, such as a failed project or bad feedback, they can then resolve the issues.

Shaking off false warning signs should be easy if employees pay close attention to their performance. Employees should avoid breezing through evaluation periods without really looking into what they can improve or not.

Information Anthology reported that there are signs that an employee's career is really heading to a wrong direction. The signs include economic downturn that really hit the industry the employee is working in could really spell trouble for his or her career.

Employees should also be ready to adjust when their company announced a merger or an acquisition. Any changes in a company's structure or finances could impact employees' career.

If the company an employee is working for is not doing well, the employee should think about changing employers or career path. The ability to adapt to the economic environment should be learned by all employees.

Jobs & Hire previously reported about the signs that employees should heed if they are thinking about quitting their jobs and pursuing their dream.

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