Mar 29, 2016 12:24 PM EDT

These Work Problems Aren't Really Problems You Should Worry About

By R S Ali

Unnecessary worries take up most of our lives. With real worries in life, why add more, especially work-related ones? People have a limited amount of energy and brain space and there is only a limited amount of mental strain a person can take. Identify these non-problems that you think are problems at work, says Monster, and stop worrying about them.

Some work problems seem a lot bigger than they really are, and they take up too much time and energy that you really don't have.

Your life will be much calmer and smoother once you decide to stop worrying about these non-issues.
1. Outdated procedures 

With the advent of technology, time and money and manpower could all be saved by just updating to newer methods. You could be working a lot more efficiently, and if you think this is the case, make sure your supervisor knows at once.

2. Lazy co-workers or team members

This can make your work burden a lot more and your work life very frustrated, but always remember that they are not your problem. You are only responsible for the work you put in.

Take it up with your boss and explain to him/her why your work performance seems to be lagging so you are in the clear. But be prepared to not be listened to: and then accept that there is nothing you can do about it.

You do what you can do, and give it your best. The rest is not in your hands.

3. An obsession with multitasking  

Multitasking is all the rage, but research has proven that it makes productivity plummet and lowers the quality of your work.  

4. Emails claiming to be "urgent"

You would be very surprised how effective turning off the ringer of your phone can be. The ping alerting you to a new email compels you somehow to leave everything and answer to it, but in more cases than not it can be dealt with at a separate time, like a time you have allotted for email answering. 

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