Mar 10, 2016 08:44 AM EST

Careers That Pay Well And Don’t Need Credentials

By R S Ali

Contrary to popular belief, there are actually careers that don't need you to go back to school and spend many years and thousands of dollars on education and training if you want to switch to them.

If you have decided you need a change of career but do not want to go back and undo all the hard work you have been doing till now, or are scared that it means you will be able to follow your passion only when you are old and grey, do not worry.

Not all jobs need a whole other degree  - sometimes you just need a little training or some voluntary work before your feet are in the door.

There are jobs that pay well, and are satisfying - and they don't require too much time from you to switch to them. Changing your career to them also requires less preparation than you think.

So without further ado, here are a few of those careers courtesy of Monster.

1. Wellness Coach

A wellness coach basically helps you lead a better lifestyle. Examples of this could be helping you to quit smoking, or eating better. Most of your work as a wellness coach would be with individual clients, and when you have almost two years experience you could be earning from $25 to $50 and above per hour, according to the founder of

What is even better, you need no degrees or credentials. Many wellness coaches start with their own personal struggles and build from there. You could even start working part time.

2. Personal Chef

Do you cook well? If you do, you could be earning $200 and $400 per day! It does depend a lot on how much can negotiate with your clients, but a personal chef could also be receiving private lodging, meals and transportation, especially for clients who need the chef for every day meals and not just special occasions.

What you will need, besides cooking really well and quickly, of course, is good organizational skills, and at least basic knowledge of sanitation and safe food handling and storage. It will also help a great deal if you know something about economical use of ingredients and basic math.

To start with, you will need to network with wealthy - and of course, busy - people who do not have time to cook. Look into the American Personal & Private Chef Association for more information.

Quick, well paying careers coming soon!

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