Mar 07, 2016 09:11 AM EST

3 Things You Can Do With A Criminology Degree

By R S Ali

If you have a degree in criminology, know there is a wide range of paid and voluntary services available for you, says Prospects.

You could be working with offenders, criminal justice agencies, or within a community as sheriff or similar. You could also do social work if you feel that kind of career is for you.  There is a wide variety of opportunities, including working in drug treatment schemes and hostels for juvenile offenders.

Here are a few careers you could be looking at with a criminology degree.

1. A prison officer

As a prison officer, you could have responsibility of security detail, supervision, training and rehab of people who have been assigned to prisons by court order.

This will include a variety of different kinds of interaction with prisoners - including encouraging them to do what is best for themselves - rehab, so they can enter into society. Prisoners needs to maintain a safe and healthy environment around them and that is where prison officers come in: they have to balance authority with compassion.

The role requires you to think on your feet and deal with difficult and unexpected situations, so make sure you are calm in a crisis.

2. Police Officer

You could, of course, become a police officer. This may be the logical choice for someone who has pursued a degree in criminology, but also one of the most rewarding ones. Police officers may control illegal drug use depending on what team or department they work for.

Police officers can generally be expected to work closely with other members of the criminal system or with schools, businesses, social workers, and communities. They may also provide security detail or assist people who have been affected by crime.

3. Probation officer

As a probation officer, or PO, you would manage offenders and ex-cons to try to ensure that they do not harm themselves or the people around them. They usually also aim to ensure that ex-cons do not re-offend. They supervise and manage offenders and may work with them in courts. They interact with the offenders on a regular basis and police and prison service colleagues can refer to them for updates. 

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