Mar 07, 2016 09:13 AM EST

Love Nature? Here Are 3 Careers You Should Consider

By R S Ali

If you love nature and are passionate about preserving the environment for future generations, you do not have to limit yourself to voluntary work.

Here are a few careers that Prospects suggests you could pursue if you are passionate about mother nature, and/or if you have pursued a degree in environmental studies.

1. You could become a recycling officer

Contrary to popular belief, this one is an actual career with a job title and a salary range.

Thanks to government initiatives in recent years towards reducing domestic and industrial waste, this is an up and coming career. You can expect to work with county, district, and regional authorities to manage recycling initiatives, delivering educational and awareness programs, and liaison in regards to waste management.

You may work in the private sector for recycling contractors or for environmental charities as well

2. You could be a water quality scientist.

A water quality scientist is responsible for safeguarding all aspects of standards of water quality by means of scientific analysis and setting targets in response to legislation. Expect to compare test samples with standards, investigate under-performance and take action to remedy it.

You can expect to specialize in one of these three areas: drinking water, groundwater or surface water (like rivers and lakes).

Your responsibilities as a water quality scientist would include, among other things, taking water samples (depending on how much field work is included in your job, testing laboratory samples, analyzing statistical data, investigating water quality shortfalls, giving advice on avoiding problems to businesses for example, partaking in projects that work towards water standards regulations, and investigating pollution from a scientific and legal angle.

3. You could be a professional environmental consultant.

You could basically be a consultant who advises and works with clients - businesses, communities, schools etc to work towards a healthier, more sustaining lifestyle that will help preserve the environment. This could be in the form of introducing practices, running and coming up with projects for profit or non-profit companies, or helping educate the public. 

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