Mar 08, 2016 08:00 AM EST

3 Things You Can Do With An Environmental Studies Degree

By R S Ali

For those of you with a passion in preserving and serving nature and the environment so strong you went out and got an environmental studies degree, fret not. Prospects suggests a few careers you could pursue while still doing what you love.

1. You could be a toxicologist

A toxicologist looks at the impact of toxic materials and radiation on the environment and living beings' health. This is especially accurate for those with a methodical mind and a love of science.

You can expect to carry out lab tests and field studies in this regard, where you might be isolating, identifying and measuring toxic substances or radiation. You might work in one of a variety of different areas of toxicology, like academia, clinical, ecotoxicology, forensic or pharmaceutical.

You will very likely also need to be writing reports and scientific papers to present your findings or if working in forensics, give evidence in court - so writing skills will come in handy, too.

2. You could be a nature conservation officer

If you love your environment and the idea of wanting to protect it (and motivating others to do the same) occurs strongly to you, this could be just the right job for you.

A nature conservation officer manages and enhances the local environment using a variety of methods. You could be working on preserving grassland, woodland, forests, coastal areas, moorland, mountains and rivers - or marine habitats.

Part of your job would be to motivate other people to be careful about their environment too. You could be working to promote awareness or even develop policies that ensure this.

3. You could be a town planner

Town planners make decisions about the management and development of cities, towns, villages and rural country. They intend to balance out the demands made by housing, agriculture, recreation, transport, industrial development and of course the environment.

Planners have to consider competing views of businesses and local communities, and in rural areas sustainable development to preserve the countryside.

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