Mar 30, 2016 11:01 AM EDT

Earn Points With Your Boss By Using These Magic Phrases

By R S Ali

Magic is not real, but magic words are. They exist in relationships of all kinds, and they do in work places, too. More specifically, Monster helps you figure out some magic words that might earn you points with the boss.

1. "I agree..."

This one sounds a bit like flattery but it's really not. You don't have to compromise all your morals and let go of your opinions to pretend to agree with your boss on everything.

But try changing the way you think a little bit. Surely you don't have to find fault with everything he/she thinks. Maybe there's a part of the idea you agree with. Maybe you can pretend to agree and it won't have any lasting consequences.

You don't want to be the downer - you want to be enthusiastic and supportive to the employer. He is, after all, the team leader, and a team leader runs on the support of his people. 

Even your disagreement can be expressed in a healthy, positive, non-critical way. You don't necessarily have to shoot him down, even disagreeing has a way.

You can get your point across to him/her and make him/her happy, too. Don't abandon all your ethics, and don't agree with everything. But at least consider it.

2. "I'd be happy to do that."

 Proactive employees are always appreciated, and employees who do things with a smile are an extra plus. A person who doesn't need too much hand holding or takes charge without being asked is an asset to a company, and by extension the boss.

A person who works with a smile is a pleasure to work with.

3. "I've got this handled."

The boss has a million things to manage and hundreds of employees to guide. When you tell him/her you can handle something on your own, her/his relief will know no bounds. They'll undoubtedly be very pleased, and they won't know how they ever lived without you to begin with.

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