Mar 31, 2016 11:24 AM EDT

Signs That Your Colleagues Really Don't Like You

By R S Ali

It's not always easy to tell that people don't like you, especially at work when ethic requires them to be professional, and moreover, if they work under you. So do your co-workers think you are a jerk? Find out if most or all of these signs by Monster apply to you and you will know if that is the case.

The fact that most mean, nasty people don't even realize they are being mean and nasty is what makes them so annoying. These signs will help you identify if you in fact one of those people, so you can take corrective measures as soon as possible and work it out before things get out of hand. 

1. Everyone is too nice to you

Are your colleagues treating you with kid gloves? Are they whispering around you and treading on eggshells when you're around? Alternatively, are they being overly nice of you, and do their compliments smell suspiciously like flattery to you? All these are signs that people are scared of you, and if people are scared of you then you're a mean person.

Look at your behavior and see if there's something you need to do to make people feel comfortable around you. Let them share feedback - both positive and negative - with you.

2. No one likes it when you succeed

This one's a bad sign at work. People should be genuinely happy for you, but if you've ticked off the admin people with your bossy pompousness, no one is going to like you- or your successes - very much.

3. You're 'forgotten'

Are people 'forgetting' to invite you to meetings, conferences or email conversations? Are you being left out from the list of invitees to a colleague's farewell, or a birthday lunch? These are all signs that people are avoiding spending time with you, so if that is not something you want, take measures to be more respectful in the future.

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