Apr 06, 2016 11:24 AM EDT

Things That Should Never Be On Your Office Desk

By R S Ali

Having your own space might make you feel like decorating and personalizing it, and there is no reason why you shouldn't. But don't forget that it still belongs to your employer and it is out there for everyone to see. Monster reminds you of some things that should never sit on your desk or in your cubicle.

Do not bring these things into the office:

1. Animals of any kind 

Even if they're in cages, and even if you are so lucky that your office has a pet-friendly policy. This is especially the case if you work in a cubicle and do not have an office.

But either way, have consideration for people who do not necessarily want to be talking about work with you while there is a reptile glaring at them in between you. Besides, people might be allergic to something you own and nobody wants that at the office.

2. Too many office supplies 

While most of us are a little crazy about stationery, there are lines we shouldn't cross. Use good, functional items, but don't go overboard and buy things you don't need.

This is especially true for when the office is on a budget and everyone else is struggling to get an order for something small and inexpensive. Don't show off, not even on your own personal account.  

3. Targets

As obvious as this might sound, do not do any target practice in your office or in your cubicle. Also do avoid targets with someone's face on it. No matter what your intention is, it is going to look really bad for you.

4. Alcohol

Unless you have a medical issue and absolutely have to drink on the job for some special reason, avoid any form of alcohol or even their bottles - even the empty decoration ones - from your table.

The simple truth is that it just doesn't make you look good. 

5. Anything offensive to anyone

Stay as far away from political incorrectness as possible. Keep your work space free of offensive affiliations be they sexist or racist, ageist etc. You want to avoid having your judgment called into question. 

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