Apr 07, 2016 06:33 AM EDT

Tips To Help You Quit Your Job Gracefully, Not Dramatically

By R S Ali

When you quit, and chances are that sometime in your life you will have to, don't be the story your ex-colleagues tell around the office cooler. Monster helps you stay professional and graceful as you make your exit.

Burning bridges is never wise, especially in the professional realm. Tomorrow, the people you are making angry are going to be your references. At your new job, someone is going to know someone who knew you when you made a dramatic exit and you already have points against you.

Don't make a scene. Don't be tempted by the fact that you just got a new job and want to show those nasty co workers or that dictator of a boss what you really think. Control those urges and be nice.

All you'll really be doing is putting years of respect and goodwill down the drain - and probably hurting your own career in the long run.

Here is a list of things you shouldn't do as you head out the door.

1. Talk trash about the boss or his team, or your team any time during an interview anywhere. (Especially at your new job).

2. Putting people down as references without telling them you did (and without checking to make sure they haven't been holding a secret grudge against you for years.)

3. Not saying thank you after someone has given you a good reference or recommendation or done you a favor.

4. Not giving the period of notice asked for by the company. Find out what is acceptable in the company industry, and follow it.

5. Doing your work half baked or halfheartedly because you are leaving anyway, so it is now the headache of the poor sod replacing you.

6. Acting maliciously against the company you are leaving - sabotaging their work, deleting things...you get the idea. 

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