Apr 02, 2016 09:04 AM EDT

How Your Writing Skills Can Help You Network

By R S Ali

Writers are underestimated and underpaid: this seems to be quite the universal fact. However, if you are great at writing and also at something else, there is no reason why you shouldn't use your writing skills to network. Monster helps you see how.

What people don't realize about writing skills is how useful they are in any industry; in any profession. You will very likely need to write reports and memos and emails no matter what your work involves.

Moreover, you can try writing about person or an organization that you want to network with. It is a common misconception that you need some kind of credentials to write a simple freelance feature article.

Thanks to the Internet and e-newsletters and e-journals and e-magazines, you could easily pitch to your local newspaper by email. Or you could even write for your own blog!

Also, as literacy and readership have gone through the roof, publications have increased - by a lot. There are publications of every imaginable orientation, and everyone can be an author.

If you write well, it can be a great boost for your career. It gives you instant credibility and visibility. To write an article to compliment your career, follow these few simple guidelines.

1. Find the 'hook'

As writers know, the hook is an angle. What exactly is it about your piece that you hope will attract readers? You need to have an angle to interest your readers. So what is it about your piece? Do you do something unusual, or different, or with more ease, or efficiency?

2. Pitch your hook

When you approach an editor, expect this: he will show a little interest and ask you to show you when you have something solid, because he's too busy. But the advantage is that once this has happened, you are no longer the random freelance writer without a publication in sight. You are now 'calling for an article targeted at XYZ publication'.

Whether or not it actually gets published, you will have made some great contacts - and an excellent reason to stay in touch with them.

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