Apr 08, 2016 09:21 AM EDT

Being A Successful Quitter: When Do You Take The Leap?

By R S Ali

Quitting is usually seen negatively. It is a bad thing, a taboo, a consequence. But what of successful quitting? Sometimes quitting can be a good move for your career. Monster introduces three people who quit and did it successfully.

Believe it or not, dreaming of quitting your job is a very common dream. A 2007 survey by a software firm claims that 67 percent of people think about quitting their jobs regularly or constantly.

Obviously, it is clear that most of these people do not end up actually quitting. So what turns professionals into quitters?

1. Realizing you are not headed where you want to be going

Eric Arnold who had an editorial position at a trade magazine, quit because he said he ha an epiphany of sorts. He looked at his career and where he wanted to go, and realized it wasn't where he wanted to be going.

So he went for what he loved, which happened to be wine. He ended up at Allan Scott Wines in Marlborough, New Zealand, working for free in the winery and the vineyards so he could learn all about making fine wine.

He then wrote a book about it called "First Big Crush: The Down and Dirty of Making Great Wine Down Under."

2. Feeling like having to quit and wanting to try a hand at something else

Second was Carla Jones, who had what to all who looked at it an impressive job full of glamour. But the problem with glamour is when you don't want it, it ceases to be glamorous.

Jones had worked on a popular reality series she'd worked on for several seasons. She quit because she was stuck in her career and knew she wasn't getting anywhere. She was also ready to leave L.A, so she went to Canada and produced some series.

3. When the job eats away at you

Third to quit voluntarily was IT project manager Rashmi Sachan, who found out how burnt out she was when she was on a sabbatical. She was so tired she wasn't being effective anymore. When you know the job isn't making you feel good anymore, it is probably a good time to quit.  

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