Jun 07, 2016 05:41 PM EDT

Leadership Traits To Develop To Become A Courageous Boss

Leadership comes with a lot of challenges. Sometimes, the tasks and future may be daunting but don't let fear stop you from improving as a manager.

Today's rapidly-changing world needs leaders who can adapt to the changing times. Don't be stuck in the same routine and level. According to Huffington Post, courage is the most important leadership virtue.

It helps you make a difference. It can help you create change. "In times of change leaders need the courage to persist," the publication wrote. "To stand up again after a knock back or to find another way after a path has been closed off."

Inc. shared four leadership habits that every boss should develop in order to be able to lead your team well.

1. Courageous leaders know how important R&R is. Different people have different styles of recharging their batteries. Start every workday right by giving an hour or two for meditation, exercise or by simply spending time with loved ones.

2. Courageous leaders know how to listen to their gut. Oftentimes, this is construed as the easiest step. That may be true in theory, but leaders, in a lot of instances, ignore what their gut is telling them in favor of the more "rational" and "logical" ideas that they have in mind. Don't be afraid of failure - just make sure that you stand back up again and find a new strategy for your goals.

3. Courageous leaders know how to take the path less traveled. When brainstorming for different ideas, think of what your competition may be planning to do. Afterwards, do something that is braver and gutsier than what others will logically do. Again, don't be scared to fail.

4. Courageous leaders know how to give credit where credit is due. They are secure enough in their achievements that they can be genuine when giving compliments. Bad bosses take the praise for themselves while good managers build up their team members.

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