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Burnout Symptoms And Solutions

Mental burnout is a very common problem plaguing employers and employees alike. It is described as the psychological effects of relentless work stress.

Burnout symptoms are often confused as effects of other negative forces. Oftentimes, you may feel as if the things that you're experiencing are normal since a lot of people seem to be affected by them.

TIME shared the seven signs of burnout to help raise people's awareness. Tips on how to fix them are also included.

1. Being overly cynical. This is one burnout symptom that feels normal but is, in actuality, just a coping mechanism for stress. If you find yourself being more sarcastic and pessimistic nowadays, you may be on the verge of a burnout.

2. Wanting to run away. That itch you're feeling about throwing it all away and just relocating somewhere where no one knows you could be a symptom of "worn-out burnout." Avoidance is also another coping mechanism.

3. Messing up relatively easy tasks. You may be having all kinds of slip-ups lately. When you suddenly find yourself having a lack of attention to details, it may be high time to get away from stressors.

4. Always being tired. Persistent sluggishness is one of the most common burnout symptoms - especially when a whole day of sleeping in does not cure lethargy. Emotional exhaustion is a signal that you may be suffering from work dysfunction.

5. Continually being resentful, discontented and irritated. This could be a sign of overload burnout. According to the Association for Psychological Science, this is when employees blame work culture (for no apparent reason) for their frantic climb to the top, which is actually self-imposed.

6. Doubting yourself. This is when one's mind begins to trick you into having a distorted feeling of "reduced accomplishment."

7. Being sickly. Mental burnout does not only hurt your brain, it hurts your entire body. Employees suffering from never-ending headaches and stomachaches may need to clear up their work schedules.

It is important to have a balance between work and play. To combat burnout, make sure to spend time relaxing with family and friends. Schedule a rest day where you can do your hobbies. The Harvard Business Review also shared steps to take when you're beginning to feel burned out.

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