Nov 04, 2016 07:17 AM EDT

Tag Heuer Launches $9900 Rose Gold Smartwatch, Is It Worth To Buy It?

Tag Heuer has just launched its Rose Gold Carrera Connected smartwatch for the price of $9,900. The smartwatch doesn't offer many features to justify that kind of price tag, though.

According to Techradar, Tag Heuer's rose gold smartwatch is just identical to what the watchmaker released last year, save for its rose gold casing. The watch features an Intel dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, and 410 mAh battery.

The specs that the smartwatch offers is just similar to what other smartwatches offer at a cheaper price. This is true, even with Tag Heuer's first release.

Tag Heuer's rose gold smartwatch also won't be available online, like the first version. People who want to buy this expensive watch will have to to go to an actual Tag Heuer retail store and purchase the watch there.

The expensive smartwatch of Tag Heuer may actually be the only luxurious smartwatch available in the market, according to Engadget. Apple has recently stepped out of the luxurious smartwatch market, doing away with the solid-18-karat-gold version of its smartwatch.

Apple now only sells watches for $1,299, shelving its $10,000 watches. This could probably be the reason why Tag Heuer is entering the luxury smartwatch market.

With Apple gone, Tag Heuer saw an opportunity to position itself, considering the company's reputation for luxury. Apple though may have a good reason for shelving the gold edition of its smartwatches.

There are probably only a few people who are able and willing to spend $10,000 on a smartwatch that has specs and features also available at cheaper and more functional brands. So Tag Heuer can't expect that there is a demand for its product.

The only thing that can justify Tag Heuer's $9,900 price tag is the rose gold casing and the brand name it carries. For a better and cheaper option, there are other alternatives out there.

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