Nov 05, 2016 06:59 AM EDT

NASA Photo Show Strange Grizzly Bear-Like Fossil, Not Everyone Is Convinced Though

Alien hunters claim that they saw a fossilized creature on NASA's latest photo of Mars, which shows that there were aliens on Mars. Not everyone though is convinced of the sighting.

Paranormal Crucible, a U.K.-based YouTube channel, picked up the latest NASA photo and said the rock on the picture looks like a possible fossilized creature. "Even without processing the image you can clearly see that it looks artificial," the description on the YouTube channel said.

The description also said that the rock "resembles a bear or sloth-like creature" that possibly has a shell. It could still be anything, though, the description adds.

The Daily Mail reports that this is not the first time, though, that strange objects have been reported to be spotted on Mars. An alien enthusiast spotted a rocky Martian hill back in March.

The enthusiast said the hill has serious religious implications. Another conspiracy theorist claimed to have spotted a shoe on one of the photos taken on Mars last August.

The conspiracy theorist said that the shoe belonged to a species that was previously at war on Mars. The shoe is the lone evidence that the species existed.

Taiwanese alien hunter Scott Wang said that the sighting was interesting and unusual. He said it resembles a fossilized statue or animal, but it needs to be examined up close to actually verify.

Not everyone, though, is convinced that the sighting is proof of aliens on Mars. UFO Investigations Manual Author Nigel Watson is one of those who is not convinced.

He said that when nearly a third of Mars was covered in water, it probably supported many life forms on the Red planet. However, he said that there were no evidence that large creatures like bears or sloth existed before on Mars.

Watson adds that it would be great if the image sighted proved the existence of a creature left there by alien explorers or a fossilized creature on Mars. But he said its more likely just a rock that was given the optical illusion of a bear due to its shape and illumination.

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