Nov 09, 2016 08:18 PM EST

The ‘100’ Season 4 Release Date, Spoilers, News & Update: What Should Know About Clarke Griffin This Season?

By Din Rose

Obviously, the news web is once again caught with the latest "100" Season 4 news, it has recently been announced that "100" TV series will be back. According to reports, this season will bring a fresher angle to Clarke's life, first, her journey to survive with her group and last, a new discovery of romantic interest.

While fighting for survival, Clarke's life got a big turning point in the last "100" season 3, in the death of Lexa and the others. She may still be grieving but her journey hasn't ended yet, more challenges will test her as she led her group avoiding another mass destruction.

According to several reports, rumors are flying about what Clarke and her group will do just to survive. Apparently, avoiding the deadly nuclear radiation which spread throughout the area is their biggest hurdle. The responsibility lies biggest on Clarke's shoulder, she must do the biggest sacrifices to save humanity.

Furthermore, Clarke will need to hatch plans to lead her group either back in space or in a safe place on Earth, she and the rest will tread difficult places to gain a heads up. It will not be a simple task for "100"s lead cast, in her age, she must face challenges bigger than her or deal with the consequences.

Meanwhile, Breathe Cast reveals, Clarke's new romantic interest may be found in "100" Season 4. Jason Rothenberg, Series creator hinted about a new love for her after Lexa though it's not confirmed to be any of gender, concerning Clarke's bisexuality.

The news added buzz in the web for Clarke's speculated partner, several reports shares, Bellamy and Clarke love-team. Though, it was immediately rejected as Rothenberg reveals Bellamy to be one of the casualties in "100' Season 4 .

In all, there are a lot in stored for the series' heroine, and  viewers will really be waiting for more. Stay tuned for the more latest updates about Clarke as CW has yet to release any more information.

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