Nov 08, 2016 08:11 PM EST

'Pokemon GO' Latest News & Update: Upgrade To Version 0.45.0 For Android and 1.15.0 for iOS

By Din Rose

Recently, Niantic Inc. announced the latest version update  0.45.0 For Android and 1.15.0 for iOS  for "Pokémon Go" the upgrade includes new features and fixes such as speed cap, catch bonus, gym training overhaul, capture location, and rooted device crackdown.

In the last months, most "Pokémon Go" players reached the peak of the game, they stooped playing game and dragged down the game's popularity. To recapture its former glory, Niantic Inc. launched the latest updated version for additional features and entice the gamers to play again.

According to Trusted Reviews, 'speed cap' is the most apparent change, it is absence of spawns and sighting when moving faster than 30mph. Specifically, the sighting radar will stop from alerting for any Pokemon in the area. Kotaku detailed, this new update was prompted by driving dangers some players experienced.

Some more consists of catch bonus and gym training overhaul. The first works with earning additional bounties for first Pokemon catch and the succeeding, another is the visit to PokéStops daily which get a growing bonus until you reach the seventh day. While, the other boost is about defeating a gym leader and placing six Pokemons in rival gyms.

Moreover, Game Spot reports, "Niantic confirmed it is testing a new version of the "Nearby Pokemon" feature", this is a location patch. Also, inclusion of 'capture location' will be present now on the game screen for places Pokemons were caught.

"We will continue to review community feedback, make changes if necessary, and roll this feature out to more regions." Niantic Inc. Stated about the location update.

Furthermore, "Pokemon Go" developers also expressed their desire to stop 'cheating'. They will no longer support a rooted device yet in some cases, if the game is played legally the possibility of banning will not be a problem.

Nonetheless, the recent process of being updated to version 0.45.0 for Android and 1.15.0 for iOS devices are still in progress. The details were released by "Pokemon Go" developer Niantic Inc. Stay updated for more latest Pokemon news this week.

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