Nov 19, 2016 07:44 AM EST

‘Pokemon: Sun And Moon’ Tips and Cheats: Create The Best Pokemon Team; Use The Festival Plaza To Boost Monster

"Pokemon: Sun and Moon" have just been released and trainers all around the world are looking for the best ways to create the best possible Poke Team. For those who are looking to start the game on the right foot, then here is a handy guide for creating your team as well as utilizing the new features of "Pokemon: Sun and Moon."

I choose you!

No decision is as hard as to which starter Pokemon a player should start with. One good thing about "Pokemon: Sun and Moon" according to Kotaku is that Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio will all make fine additions to a team no matter who is chosen.

Look at it this way, Rowlet is more balance, Litten has a high attack, while Poplio has an amazing defense.

Diversify the Pokemon

All Pokemon experts will say that the key to creating a powerhouse team is to fill up all of a team's weaknesses. Plan the Pokemon team based on which group will have less weakness and susceptibility to a variety of attacks. For those who do not like to think about it too much, there are plenty of Pokémon team planner online to help with formulating the perfect "Pokemon: Sun and Moon" Team.

Use the Festival Plaza

"Pokemon: Sun and Moon" introduced the Festival Plaza this year. And while it is easy to dismiss this as nothing more than another distraction from collecting them all. The Plaza actually has some extra benefits that can make your team even stronger. Game N Guide has noted that using the Poke Pelago in the plaza can add some stats to a player's Pokemon. By also checking out the online lobby, a myriad of activities there can give a player's Pokemon some much-needed leveling up boosts.

This is especially useful for players who suffer some battle fatigue when trying to level up their Pokemon. For more "Pokemon Sun and Moon" secrets, here is a hilarious way from Jobs & Hire to make the Splash move finally useful.

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