Nov 25, 2016 12:22 AM EST

'Watch Dogs 2' Latest News & Update: Phase Two Of Seamless Multiplayer Now Available, Updates Will Still Continue To Come

The second phase of "Watch Dogs 2's" seamless multiplayer update is now available online for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But Ubisoft is not yet done with its tinkering, as the company is still continuing to make the game better for its players and fans.

According to PlaystationLifeStyle, the second phase update now lets players enjoy several multiplayer features without experiencing any problems. An example of which is players can now access "Bounty Hunt" seamlessly without the need for the Multiplayer App.

The second phase update also allows players to enjoy the "Seamless Hacking Invasions," "Seamless DedSec Events" with other players, and Seamless co-op mission invitations. The new features have now allowed Ubisoft to fulfill the promise it gave when "Watch Dogs 2" became available.

Engadget reports that Ubisoft noticed the drop-in multiplayer is causing problems for "Watch Dogs 2's" frame and general stability. The problem was, though the multiplayer features were already available, players will have to set them up themselves instead of it randomly happening.

So Ubisoft released updates to fix the problem with phase one being released on November 22 and the second phase of the seamless multiplayer was made available recently. But Ubisoft is not yet done with its update, as the company continues to improve the game to provide a better experience to its fans and players.

Community Developer Chase Straight has been answering questions on Reddit regarding  the updates. He said that players should first focus on the doing seamless activities instead of focusing on the Multiplayer App, as Ubisoft is making improvements day by day.

 The company has also yet to make the "Neutral Encounters" seamless, as it wants to make sure its players are first comfortable with the online experience of seamless multiplayer's core features. The feature allows players to randomly encounter other players on the street in the world that the player is exploring.

So more updates should be expected as Ubisoft is continuing to work on improving the game experience of "Watch Dogs 2" for its players. Straight said that they' also take into consideration any feedbacks and comments players might have. 

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