Dec 02, 2016 05:46 AM EST

Job Advice: 5 Tips On How To Get A Promotion

Getting a promotion is a double edge sword, it increases an employee's salary and career growth, but it also means more responsibilities and less free time. That's why not everyone is striving to get promoted, but for those who are, there are some useful tips that can help get an employee promoted.

According to Inc., getting a promotion should not be left to change. It's important that employees who are aiming for one do things right for them to get noticed and receive recognition.

Business News Daily adds that sometimes changes are needed to be made to grab the attention of the bosses. With that, here are five tips that employees can do to get a promotion.

The first tip is for an employee to change his or her attitude. Having a bad or pessimistic attitude doesn't sit well with bosses. Employees who are always complaining, arriving late to work or frequently taking sick days off, won't be in a boss' list of employees he'd be promoting soon.

So an employee should make sure his or her attitude shows how dedicated he or she is to the company and with the job. Doing this will put the employee in a positive light.

The next tip is to use the emotional intelligence and be more sociable. It's not enough that an employee possesses great skills and intelligence in the work that he or she is doing to get promoted.

People who are able to demonstrate that he or she can understand colleagues and clients, as well as be able to control his or her emotions in dealing with them. An employee who is able to demonstrate that he or she can relate well to different people and is well liked can show the boss that he or she can be a good leader.

The third tip is to already do the work that you're aiming for. An employee who is aiming to become a manager should start studying and learning about the position and, if possible, start demonstrating his or her skill in that area.

Doing this not only shows that the employee is ready for the position, but it could also show that the employee is the perfect fit for the job. This would make the boss know the employee is the obvious choice and not a hopeful one.

The fourth tip is to express yourself. It's important that an employee who is aiming for a promotion is able to speak up and let the person of authority know when a process is working or not.

This shows that the employee is confident enough in himself or herself that he or she is not afraid to speak up. It doesn't mean being rude or disrespectful, it's about speaking up in a way that it will be helpful to the team or company.

The last tip is to dress for success. It's important that an employee learns to dress the job that he or she is aiming for, as not only will it get him or her noticed, it will also increase his or her confidence.

There's no need to wear a suit to the office every day. Just observe how some of the bosses dress to work every day and take the cue from there.

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