Dec 03, 2016 05:17 AM EST

Star Wars Battlefront Rouge One Scarif Update: New Infiltration Mode Combines Space And Land Gameplay

"Star Wars Battlefront Rouge One: Scarif" has a new game mode called the "Infiltration Mode," where players will be playing out both a ship battle in space and a foot battle on the new planet. Players will have the option to play either the rebels or the imperial forces.

GameSpot revealed some highlight video of the new game mode, where it starts off in space. A space battle between the rebels and the imperial forces erupts, as the rebels are trying to infiltrate the planet where the data for the Star Destroy is being kept. As the imperial forces, the player will be tasked to protect the shield gate and stop the rebels from entering the planet.

Once the rebels are able to get on the planet, the next phase of "Star Wars Battlefront Rouge One: Scarif" new game mode goes to a land battle on foot, where the rebels try to create a distraction for the extraction team. The U-Wing Gunship will be available in this mode and players will also be able to hear that "Director Orson Krennic is in the vicinity, targeting him could deal a real blow to the empire."

Playing as the imperial forces will task the player to stop the rebels from blowing up an imperial cargo ship and Krennic will be available to provide support. The Next phase of the "Star Wars Battlefront Rouge One: Scarif's Infiltration Mode" is the extraction.

As the rebel fighters, the player will be tasked to protect the person carrying the data while making your way to the extraction point and Jyn Erso will also be available in this mode. Imperial forces will be tasked to eliminate the data carrier and prevent it from leaving the planet.

Tech Mic reports that the"Star Wars Battlefront Rouge One: Scarif" will be available on December 6 for Season Pass holders of the game. For those who are not Season Pass holder, they have to wait until December 16 to get the new DLC. 

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