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Pokemon Sun And Moon Cheats, Tips, & Tricks: Where To Find Elemental Stones To Help Pokemon Evolve

Elemental stones have always played an increasing role in Pokemon games and the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is no different. These stones usually help players, especially new ones, evolve their Pokemon without much hassle, so knowing where to find them in the game is important.

GameNGuide reports that the elemental stones, also known as evolution stones, is especially helpful for newbie players. These stones can jumpstart the evolution process of a Pokemon, allowing newbies to evolve their Pokemon and strengthen their lineup.

In "Pokemon Sun and Moon," the elemental stones are scattered across the Alolan region. Acquiring these stones would require a player to exploring the region and look for them or through in-game purchase.

VG247 was able to track down seven elemental stones that players can use to help evolve their Pokemon. These elemental stones are the "Fire Stone," "Ice Stone," "Leaf Stone," "Thunder Stone," "Water Stone," "Oval Stone," and "Dusk Stone."

The "Fire Stones" are used for evolving fire-type Pokemon and they can be found in Diglett's Tunnel on Akala Island. This stone can also be bought in Konikoni City.

The "Ice Stones" can be acquired at Po Town as loot or it can be purchased at Konikoni City. These stones are popular as players are dying to see the new forms of classic Pokemon from Red and Blue, the Alola Sandshrew and Alola Vulpix.

The "Thunder Stones," a staple elemental stone since the Red and Blue versions, can be found in the Dream Park on Akala Island or also purchased at the Konikoni City. Though staple, this elemental stone is not that popular as players wouldn't want to evolve their Pikachu, but the Alolan Raichu might convince them.

The fourth stone are the "Leaf Stones," which can be found via Poke Pelago or be purchased at Konikoni City. These stones are in demand as well, as grass-type Pokemon are easy to find in "Pokemon Sun and Moon."

The "Water Stones" can be purchased in Konikoni City, their locations in the Alola region have yet to be discovered. They're used to evolve water-type Pokemon.

The last two stones are the "Oval Stones" and "Dusk Stones." The "Dusk Stones," which are used to evolve dark and ghost-type Pokemon, can be found on the beach of the Poni Winds or bought at the Flea Market in the Maile Community Center. The "Oval Stones" are used to evolve Happiny into Chansey and it can be found on Akala Island's Paniola Rance.

Knowing the locations of these elemental stones will make newbies life in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" easier. Being able to evolve your Pokemon will give them a stronger monster to battle with. You can also check out Jobs&Hire for more updates, tips and tricks about "Pokemon Sun and Moon."

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