Dec 12, 2016 09:04 AM EST

Social Media Marketing: Is It A Myth Or Real Success Factor?

Many business owners have made countless claims about how social media reshaped the future of their company into something absolutely pleasurable - increased customer loyalty and engagement, higher profit, stable status in the market, etc. However, some experts also say that social media marketing is nothing but a total myth.

In a report by Business News Daily, social media networks "are fantastic resources" for companies - small scale or large scale - that wish to make a strong identity in the market. This could be true. Facebook, for example, is undeniably the biggest social network by far. This is what makes it truly great for entrepreneurs who want to connect with their target customers across the globe, as per the source. A week ago, Facebook for Business, through twitter, reported that Facebook ads is one of the greatest spendings made by more than 2 million businesses in the United States.

Because of its seemingly endless marketing capabilities, many people like to believe that there is nothing Facebook or other social media networks cannot do for someone's business. However, some experts suggests that this belief is a myth, and that there is somehow a limitation to the utilization of this technology.

According to TNW, social media is not something that an entrepreneur leaves a task with and expect to get huge returns without rigorously monitoring the progress. As a business owner, one must take time to engage with people like publishing an interesting article, posting engaging contents, make use of comments and review sections.

Another thing is that in social media, everything must not be rushed. Besides, no matter what an entrepreneur do, it will always take sometime before significant results finally becomes visible. If it's not a long wait, then it would be a while. But it will never be in just a single snap of a finger. One must learn to set the momentum. Without the momentum, it's unlikely to reach the goal as it was planned.

In short, social media utilization must be coupled with a great deal of effort. On top of that, Jobs & Hire said that an entrepreneur must have a superb social skills in order to engage with people even better in a even wider range.

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