Dec 13, 2016 03:01 AM EST

‘Dota 2’ 7.00 Update Full Details: Huge Transformation Includes New Character, New Tactical Map

By Conan K.

Valve has just released the massive update of "Dota 2," which made "Dota 2" seem a different game since experiencing version 6.00 for 11 years. The game's update is also massive also in a way that it was big enough to crash the official site too. The site is now okay anyway.

All players are well aware of Sun Wukong’s release. This is the update’s highlight. Other update features include a spectacular HUD, tactical map locations and of course, remodeled heroes and more. "Dota 2" official site gives information about its new outstanding features including:

The Monkey King

As Jobs and Hire had mentioned, inspired by Sun Wukong, you can already play Monkey King in the game. Monkey King is a melee type who carries a staff that he slams to enemies in the line. Earthshaker Fissure 2.0 perhaps? His second skill is that he can jump from tree to tree, waiting for an enemy to be taken by surprise. He can also disguise himself from enemies, a courier for starters. His ultimate skill is that he can summon monkey soldiers to help him in battle.

Valve also included Monkey King purchasable items like his Arcana, announcer pack, and a map that could change the terrain of the game.

Roshan Moves Out

Roshan has moved out of his usual spot and decides to stay in the new power up rune area and is upgraded with more attack range and additional armor. His HP also is increased and life bonus damage, according to Gamespot.

New Tactical Map

The rune areas are now divided into two types: bounty type and power up type. Bounty runes are no longer located in the river. Tons of adjustment are also made to the jungle camps and new neutral creep areas and types are introduced. The Primary jungle for each team now has 1 Ancient, 2 hard, 2 medium, and 1 small camp. 1 Ancient, 1 hard, and 1 medium camp for the secondary camp. Reworked ward spots and also hiding spots are reworked. Tier 4 towers now have the same regeneration as the Ancient. Effigy HP, armor and range also were increased.


Shrines are new buildings that offer buff to allies and is teleport able. Only visible to allies unless their Tier 2 towers get destroyed. Shrines have a 5-minute ability within cooldown that offers regeneration aura to allied players. Each team has 5 shrines in their base.

Hero Bag pack

The game now allows each hero to carry a bag pack for three more items to carry. Items from bag pack remain inactive for 6 seconds further after selected and swapped out of the bag pack into the inventory. Items in bag pack can only contain items that can help you complete recipes. Gem, Rapier, Bloodstone, and Aegis are items that your bag pack cannot contain.

Game Interface And Reworked Items

This includes top bar, allied players stats, selection screen, and hero load out changes were visible. Item changes were also made like decreased bonus damage from Daedalus from 81 to 76. Some reworked item has increased stats add and bonus.

Hero Talent Tree

This tree gives each hero different bonuses at specific level intervals. Level 10/15/20/25 respectively. Each level presents a different branch for you to choose from. Ultimate levels are now at 6/12/18.

Hero skills and stats upgrade includes some heroes having an Aghanims Scepter bonus. Bounty Hunter, CK, Crystal Maiden, Riki, Sniper, Zeus and Anti-Mage are some of these reworked heroes. Remodeled heroes include Enigma, Slardar, and Viper. Lastly, the update includes a favorable environment for heroes to enjoy like realistic grass, clouds visible and windblown trees.

All of this features are available on the officially launched 7.00 update. 7.00 update is symbolic also in a way that it marks the incoming year 2017 and the new era for upcoming "Dota 2: The International 7 tournament" next summer.

Is the update favorable for your hero? Do you approve the new features of the game? Comment below if you have insights on this update.

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