Dec 13, 2016 03:45 AM EST

'Code Geass' Season 3 Release, Spoilers & Update: Lelouch Of The Resurrection Plot Leaked; Lelouch & CC Exposed By New Villain?

"Code Geass" Season 3 Lelouch Of The Ressurection is slated for release sometime in 2017 and fans cannot wait to witness the return of Lelouch and CC. The plot for the upcoming season has been leaked and it confirms numerous fan predictions.

The third season of "Code Geass" Lelouch Of The Resurrection will take place several years after the "Zero Requiem" plan. The second season of the popular anime ended with a very controversial finale whereas Lelouch ended up dead. The "Zero Requiem" plan had Suzaku Kururugi disguise himself as Zero, the masked vigilante created by Lelouch. While the Geass bearing royalty, took the place of the emperor of Britannia, here Zero killed Lelouch Vi Britannia. As a result, peace took over Japan, Britannia and eventually the whole world.

In "Code Geass" Lelouch Of The Resurrection, the fan prediction about Lelouch being alive and well might just be proven right. Looking back at the previous seasons, it can be recalled that Lelouch killed his immortal father, Charles Zi Britannia. Thus, there is a chance Lelouch obtained his father's code. The latter makes it possible for Lelouch to be immortal as well, with that knowledge, he proceeded with the "Zero Requiem" plan fully aware that he will be assassinated during the parade. 

However, according to Yibada, a staff member working on the anime revealed that Lelouch is indeed alive. However, it would be a clone or an alternate version of Lelouch Vi Britannia. A new villain will also wreak havoc and get the attention of CC and Lelouch who are supposedly hiding. The duo may be lured out by this new villain, thus revealing to the world that Lelouch Vi Britannia survived "Zero Requiem."

To the contrary, another source claims that Lelouch did not die at all. According to News Everyday, Lelouch has successfully obtained the code from his father and is currently with CC. At the ending scene of the previous season, CC was laying on a cart whereas the driver appeared to reassemble Lelouch. 

More updates on "Code Geass" Season 3 Lelouch Of The Resurrection will be revealed in 2017. Stay tuned to Jobs & Hire for more updates. 

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