Dec 14, 2016 10:46 AM EST

An Early Holiday Gift for PS4 Pro Gamers: 'Batman: Return to Arkham's' Newest Patch

Batman fans can now expect more action as PS4 Pro releases its newest patch, "Batman: Return to Arkham" last Friday. The patch is said to reveal more exciting visual upgrades.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has been up to rehashing the DC game for the past months, and now they have finally made it to the official announcement. Game Zone reports the studio saying they have now fixed the issues that have come out in the last version.

As pointed out in their official forum, the game has been enhanced in terms of "smooth and consistent frame rate" and "game play stability."

After the launch of "Batman: Arkham Knight" around this time last year, the demand for more challenging missions and adventures grew higher. As previously reported by Jobs & Hire, the Batman fans have raved finding their way out of the difficulty of the game; thus the sales of more than five million copies for the PC version.

Meanwhile, since its release in October of this year, PS4 Pro players have experienced a back-to-back action of the "Arkham Asylum" and "Arkham City." However, just like in any other game, the need for upgrades has arisen.  

The game developers, Rocksteady and Virtuos studios, now promise a more thrilling game of those two title generations. They now call it the "full re-mastered version". But of course, the content of the first release are still kept for the same original experience.

Now that these critically-acclaimed titles are available, what further visual upgrades will be expected on the next release? Anyone won't know for sure; Batman himself isn't done yet.

The Ärkham experience still seems to be on the rise among PS4 Pro users, so the frenzy won't be over soon. After the players unlock all missions, there will surely be more enhancements for everyone to look forward to. 

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