Dec 18, 2016 04:48 AM EST

Facebook Latest News & Updates: Hillary Clinton’s US Presidential Lost Reason For Facebook’s Fake News Measures? Facebook Users Helps In The Program!

By Din Rose

In the latest Facebook news, CEO Mark Zuckerberg and VP Adam Mosseri detailed how the social media platform can finally cut out all hoaxes and fake news on it. Apparently, this was prompted by Hillary Clinton's US Presidential bid failure. To answer the growing problem, Facebook users can now also lend a hand on the going measures.
According to The Wall Street Journal, the recent move of Facebook is a response to Hillary Clinton's call for the last election fake news. Supposedly, the bogus news made people chose Trump over her, and it hugely impacted on his winning.
The fabricated articles weren't proven yet as the reason for Clinton's fall. Although, there's a huge chance that news like "The Pope Endorsed Donald Trump" may have swayed a large number of voters.
In answer, Facebook arranged a full battle on the so called- phony news with the help of its million users around the world. Remarkably, it is an ongoing trial still but the developers are seriously doing their best.
"We're testing several ways to make it easier to report a hoax if you see one on Facebook, which you can do by clicking the upper right-hand corner of a post. We've relied heavily on our community for help on this issue, and this can help us detect more fake news." Game & Guide quotes Mosseri. Notably, the social media user will be the front liners in the battle for fake news elimination.
How does it work? Facebook users will need to flag out the suspected news, then "Associated Press, ABC News, PolitiFact or others." will check the report. As soon as, it is really found to be bogus, it will be buried deep down the new feed.
In all, Facebook fake news battle will be an ongoing measures and the result isn't yet to be seen. For more latest news and updates, stay tuned in Jobs & Hire

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