Dec 20, 2016 09:56 AM EST

Technology News & Updates: Laser Can Actually Unlock Antimatter Secrets!

A group of scientist at Cern has found a way to unlock the mysteries of antimatter through the use of Laser. The first laser was first built by Theodore H. Haiman in 1960, and it was based on the theoretical work of Charles Hard Townes and Arthur Leonard Schawlow.

It has been half a century since the first laser was discovered, and due to innovation of scientists we might be able to unlock the mysteries hidden from antimatters. Laser is however one of the most expensive technology any research organization would like to develop.  Though a group of brilliant minds from the European Organization for Nuclear Research, Cern has found a way to unlock the mysteries of antimatter.

According to BBC News, through a major technological advance physicists have shone a laser on trapped anti-atoms. This is it to detect if whether the anti-atoms will behave differently to atoms, and surprisingly they got a positive result on revealing the mysteries of antimatter. It is literally difficult to produce, capture, and hold on to antimatter. Since, they easily obliterate upon contact with ordinary matter.  

However, by using a specially-designed magnetized trap, the researchers working on Cern's Alpha experiment near Geneva, Switzerland, has managed to study properties of anti-hydrogen. The spokesperson Professor Jeffrey Hangst for the Alpha experiment told BBC News that the goal is to see whether matter and anti matter follows the same laws of physics.

According to reports from the Alpha team's journal, they stated that the first measurement of how antihydrogen reacted to laser light was at a precisely tuned frequency.  The team has also found no differences in how antihydrogen behaves compared to ordinary hydrogen. This was actually an expected result for their Standard Model. So far the team expects to further improve the precision of its Standard Model's measurements.

Furthermore, the report also stated that even a slight difference in properties between hydrogen and antihydrogen would already break basic principles of physics. The result may also possibly shed light on the matter-antimatter imbalance in the Universe. The laser experiment is still researching further more possibilities in uncloaking the mysteries of the antimatter. Subscribe for more updates!

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