Dec 26, 2016 08:48 PM EST

'Death Note' Netflix Adaptation Casts 'Heroes’ Maki Oka And 'Spiderman’s' Willem Dafoe; Series To Feature Uncensored Nudity And Violence

By Conan K.

2017 is the year for Japanese manga to Hollywood adaptations to take place. People as well hope as high as the heavens that production wouldn’t ruin the adaptations and produce an accurate quality of the transition of manga to on-screen.

Fans await further updates on Adam Wingard’s upcoming live-action adaptation of Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata’s manga series “Death Note.” With the recent “Ghost in The Shell” issues and controversies, fans still hope for the best.

“We can do whatever we want,” Wingward started. “So, doing my first live-action anime thing, to me it was important that you have those adult themes. So, it’s got nudity, it’s got swearing, it’s got a ton of violence.” Wingward stated on Comic Book. “Death Note” is already known for its dark themes and violence. Wingward is as much as ready to take on the mature adult content to the screen as well. He said that it would be far to rate it below R since the anime is indeed for adult content.

“Death Note” follows a plot wherein a student named Light Yagami accidentally picks up a supernatural notebook originally owned by Shinigami Ryuk and just by writing the victim’s name while picturing their face allows him to kill the person.

Meanwhile, “Heroes” and “Hawaii Five-O” star, Masi Oka was announced as one of the producers last May. He stated that he will produce worthy Japanese actors to make up the film. And just this November, fans didn’t expect that he is mentioning himself to join the cast. Well, as the first Japanese actor in a manga to on-screen adaptation, this is assumed to quiet down controversies for now.

Movie Pilot speculated that Oka could portray Touta Matsuda, a rookie member of the Japanese Task Force. Maki Oka will produce the film along with Jason Hoffs, Roy Lee (“The Ring”) and Dan Lin (“Sherlock Holmes.”)

In addition, “Spiderman’s” Willem Dafoe will voice the Death God, Ryuk the Shinigami. Ryuk seems to have some resemblance to Dafoe’s appearance as well. He said that he will close the deal to voice the character amidst filming DC’s superhero film “Justice League” reported by Mashable.

Alongside Oka and Dafoe, the series will be starred by Nat Wolff (“Paper Towns”) as Light Turner alongside with Margaret Qualley (“The Nice Guys”)as Mia Sutton, Keith Stanfield (“Straight Outta Compton”) as L, Paul Nakauchi (“Star Wars: The Clone Wars”) as Watari, and Shea Whigham (“Agent Carter”) as James Turner.

With the series started filming last June, fans can already expect Death Note to spook Netflix sometime in 2017.

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