Dec 28, 2016 09:57 AM EST

India's Startups Change Hiring Strategies: What You Need To Get Hired

It is no longer so easy to work in startup businesses as it was before because funding is not like it used to be. In order to get hired, applicants must fit with the organization, display analytical skills, as well as have experience.

According to an article published by the Economic Times, landing a job at a startup business has gotten more and more challenging and selective due to startups having changed their hiring strategies. They now are more prudent and hire employees according to skill.

To get a position at a startup, one must primarily hone his or her skills. These businesses are looking for quality recruits with specialized abilities in design, technology, and analytics.

At one cited startup called Craftsvilla, for example, applicants are required to send case studies regarding how to approach a particular example or scenario. Their answers give the business a look inside their thought processes and analyzation skills.

According to Better Team, startups want to hire the right people because it will help it in growing. A wrong hire could lead to stunted growth. 

Others like Vonik is looking for experienced applicants, as such campus hires are not as abundant as it was before. Another seeks to identify whether or not interviewees have competencies that are two levels above the position they are applying for so that it can determine long term fit as well as an individual’s capacity for growth.

Thus, applicants must be flexible and open. They must be able to quickly adapt to a fast changing environment and not require much oversight, says Better Team. 

A fit or congruence with the culture of the business is another aspect startups consider. A strong culture fit indicates higher job satisfaction and productivity.

Interviews have many levels and take longer so that a fit can best be calculated. It is recommended then that before applying for just any startup, look up their values and their stated vision, see if you agree with them.

You may also ask for a tour of the business office. Through it, you can get an idea of what the business culture is like.

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