Dec 30, 2016 10:46 AM EST

Career Tips: How To Have A Successful Career Without Losing Touch With Your Loved Ones

Having a job is a good thing. It gives people financial stability in most cases so people feel secured about their future. However, the bad thing about a job is that it takes up most of the people's time. Basic job hours usually take eight hours, and it only adds up from there. That means that working people have less time for the other parts of their life like friends, family, or hobbies.

Some people get consumed by their job that they end up spending almost their entire life in an office, which is unhealthy physically, mentally and emotionally. Fortunately, working hard does not have to mean that people need to forget about their friends and family members.

Achieving a balance between a hectic work schedule and a demanding family life is challenging, but doable. The key, of course, is discipline. Set boundaries and implement them rigorously. For example, family time should strictly be family time, so put away mobile devices and other work-related stuff unless you are on-call like a doctor or paramedic.

When at work, strategize. Focus on what you need to do first; what you need to deliver on that day so that you do not have to run after a deadline. You also have to take a break, which could be an hour talking to your children or your significant other about their day.

Several leaders in the tech industry also advocate work-life balance, GeekWire reported. Some of them offered tips and insights on how employees can prevent getting sucked in by their jobs. Some notable tips include setting priorities, determining strength, and going with the flow when things get tough.

If your boss is too horrible that he or she cannot concede that you have a family that you need to take care of, you can always look for a new one. Jobs & Hire previously reported about famous TV characters and how they will do as bosses.

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