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Surviving Of The Fittest: How To Thrive In A Toxic Work Environment

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You're in a bind. Your job pays well and offers awesome benefits. However, you are working with people who brings out the worst in you and in a company that appears to disregard your value as a human being. You think about quitting, but you love what you are doing. The only thing left to do now is to survive.

Working in a toxic work environment can drain the life force of any human being. Your colleagues cannot seem to run out of gossips in an effort to bring down other people. Your boss does not trust you to manage yourself so he or she instead end up micromanaging you. You might think that you cannot grow in such an environment, but there is hope.

In an ideal world, everyone will be working in an office or a laboratory where positive work culture is cultivated. However, if you are stuck in a toxic environment, you can help yourself rise above all the issues and grow personally and professionally.

On gossipmongers and all-around negative people, the best thing to do is ignore them. Do not engage in the spreading of rumors and bad vibes around the office. It will only reflect poorly on you as a person. However, do not antagonize them either. Be civil.

Most people find it difficult to confront toxic bosses. However, the sooner you face a problem head-on, the sooner it goes away. Set a meeting with your horrible boss, and talk things out. If he or she refuses to listen to your concern, escalate.

No one wants to follow stifling policies, but in case your office has them in place, raise your concerns with the human resources department. You can do it by email, or again, by scheduling a meeting with the HR boss. However, make sure that you prepare alternative rules and policies.

If worse comes to worst, you can always quit your job and try freelancing. Jobs & Hire previously reported that there is a lot of benefits to being a freelancer.

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