Jan 03, 2017 07:30 PM EST

Dreaming Of Living And Working Abroad? Here's A Definitive List Of Best Countries For Expats

Are you tired of struggling on a day-to-day basis just to earn money that never seems to be enough for your daily needs? Are you dreaming of a country where you can get all the benefits of great working conditions and awesome work-life balance? Results of the latest HSBC's Expat Explorer Survey show a list of countries where employees can create a new life and explore a new culture.

Two in five expats said that moving abroad has allowed them to save up for their retirement faster. While it is a common perception that most employees who move abroad seek high salaries, the Expat Explorer Survey has found that that is not the only reason. Employees also leave their home country to find better career and life opportunities abroad.

Topping the list is Singapore, followed by New Zealand, Canada, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Bahrain Germany. Expats apparently find amazing career opportunities in this Asian country, with 62% saying that they had a better quality of life in Singapore compared with their home country. Singapore has been on the top spot for two years.

The survey also encompassed other aspects of an expat life. About 71% of expats found better job prospects in London and New York compared to their home country or any other country. Some 63% of expats also find that Toronto is safer compared with other places.

If you are looking for a country where you can start a business, expats testify that emerging economies are better for businesses compared with developed economies. For students, nearly two-thirds believe they will find better jobs if they move abroad rather than stay in their home countries.

If you are dreaming about finding a new life and career overseas, Jobs & Hire previously carried a report about resume tips for people who want to work abroad.

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