Mar 19, 2017 12:33 AM EDT

Actress Jennifer Garner Urges Congress To Support Early Childhood Education

Reports that United States President Donald Trump decided to reduce the budget for federal education riled up supporters. Head Start, one of the organizations urging the federal government to continue funding education, has taken some steps in order to make sure that the Trump administration does not forget that it must support education for all Americans.

According to a VOA report, Jennifer Garner testified in front of several lawmakers on behalf of Head Start to ask the Trump administration to boost its efforts in furthering the education initiatives for young children. Garner, an actress and a mother of three, said the federal government ought to do more when it comes to early childhood education.

Garner is a member of the board of trustees of Head Start, so she took on the duty of testifying on Capitol Hill in favor of early childhood education. Garner shared her own story of growing up around children in poverty in West Virginia.

The actress who played a role in several movies like "Elektra," "13 Going On 30" and "Pearl Harbor" asked the government to put in more efforts in improving education programs for preschoolers living in poverty. She urged lawmakers that investing in early childhood education will make a difference to the lives of the children.

The Washington Times reported that Trump did not actually end programs that are focused on education. The report said that the president just made sure that some of them will not get federal money.

States can still continue running the programs if they think that they will benefit Americans. Based on Trump's proposal, the decision on what to do for education will solely be in the hands of state lawmakers.

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