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X Must-Have Tools for Marketing Teams

X Must-Have Tools for Marketing Teams
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Digital marketing is gaining more and more fans. It is effective for both small businesses and large companies. This is an effective way not only to increase sales but also to expand the boundaries of the business.

But digital marketing doesn't work without certain tools. The problem is that there are a lot of tools, and therefore it is difficult to choose the best ones. We have selected for you the 10 most necessary resources for marketers to work with. Build your effective marketing team and grow!

Email marketing tools

Millions of users view emails every day. With email marketing tools, you can add a lot of fun to emails, such as personalized fonts, pictures, photos, video in emails.

There are two major benefits of email marketing tools:

●     automation of the process of sending emails;

●     obtaining analytics to develop a further digital marketing strategy.

Let's talk in more detail about two useful tools for email marketing. Check it out!


It is important to send the right messages to the right people. With the resource Mailchimp, you can study the target audience and explore the consumer's journey, generate creative emails, and automate their sending. You'll know how recipients respond to your emails, and you'll be able to make the content more engaging to your target audience.


Marketo is primarily about creating email marketing campaigns. You don't just automate mailing. You will write the right letters to the right customers at the right time. Thanks to the customer base, buyer's journey, and Marketo's tools your marketing strategy will work.

X Must-Have Tools for Marketing Teams
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Social media management tools

Social networks are actively used for business. Here it is easy to attract the attention of a potential customer. The brand becomes recognizable thanks to a well-planned social media strategy. And recognizability is the way to the client's heart. Today, people are willing to buy what is familiar.

Although, for example, Facebook offers its marketing tools, and everyone knows about Instagram analytics, we encourage you to consider our choice of resources. Campaign synchronization and additional analytics will help your social media team work more efficiently.


An effective tool for setting up posts on social networks. Buffer's built-in image editor helps you create original marketing campaigns. Works with large social networks:

●     Instagram,

●     Facebook,

●     Twitter,

●     LinkedIn,

●     Pinterest.

See how convenient it is to create content for different social networks on one resource.

Content tools for marketers

No matter what marketing channels you choose to communicate with customers, content is a top priority. There are two main tasks of content marketing: creation and curation.

Content is becoming more diverse. Text, images, and videos play an important role. Therefore, it is important to be able to aim with various auxiliary tools.

Let's look at a list of marketing tools that help solve various problems.


Finding and processing photos is often a challenge for marketers. But words cannot convey everything! So you have to work with images, even if you are not a designer and visualization is difficult for you. There is a way out of the situation, use special tools to work with images.

The Landscape is a great tool for working with images. Create the perfect photo size for your social media subscribers.

Movavi Video Editor Plus

People are tired of reading and looking at pictures. Video content is now the most popular on social networks. So you have to learn to work with it.

Movavi Video Editor is one of the simplest programs for creating video content, including top color grading software. Even a novice with no experience can easily deal with it. Fill your social networks with bright videos!


A handy tool for analyzing the content of competitors. Subscribing to Feedly helps you keep track of articles from blogs and online publications. Get inspired by the examples of market colleagues. Create your content that others have not yet come up with.

Analytics tools

The basis of digital marketing is analytics. The data that the marketer collects with the help of analytics tools helps to create real magic. But first, you need to choose and learn to use these tools wisely. Let's talk about them!

X Must-Have Tools for Marketing Teams
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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most popular free digital marketing tool. If we ranked resources by the utility for the marketer, he would get first place.

Google Analytics helps you:

●     to study the audience;

●     to choose keywords;

●     to create marketing campaigns.

Google Search Console

You will know everything about the behavior of visitors to your site with this tool. Free features Google Search Console allows you to gather in-depth analytics, study the target audience, correct errors on site pages.

Project Management tools

Quality marketing is first and foremost coordinated teamwork. As practice shows, project management is a problem point for many teams. Therefore, we recommend using tools that help manage projects.


If you are looking for a convenient resource for teamwork, then add Trello to the list of work tools. The productivity of planning production tasks and the speed of information exchange will increase immediately. A whole set of handy boards, lists, and cards for your team.


A marketing project manager cannot work effectively without an editorial calendar. It is convenient to plan publications on the site and in various social networks on CoSchedule. Try and see.

Content marketing strategy arises at the intersection of creativity and technical capabilities. If the source of creativity is the human resource of your business, then technical capabilities are the right tools for your employees.

We hope that our selection will not only simplify the work of your marketers but also help expand the boundaries of business. Good luck and growth!

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