Apr 21, 2016 05:56 AM EDT

Hillary Clinton's Work History Before She Entered Politics

By Jane Reed

The Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has been busy making her rounds as the current Democratic presidential candidate. But in her spare time, she loves to snack on hot chili peppers. "I put hot sauce on everything," Clinton tells Us.

She was never always into politics. Her work history was diverse like any other average American. Her website may be filled with her campaign pictures but a look into her past and personal life revealed she had a different work history.

Her father, Hugh Rodham, was an entrepreneur. He had a small business printing fabrics for drapes and as a young child, Clinton helped out with the family business. She was borne into a family of hard workers. Her grandfather, Hugh Simpson Rodham, was a lace mill worker. When she was growing up, it was around the same time NASA was planning to take an astronaut to space. As a little girl, she wrote to NASA to ask if they can let her become an astronaut. They politely replied that NASA didn't take girls.

She later grew up and had to make some money on the side. She did so by "sliming" salmon at an Alaskan cannery. "It was as glamorous as it sounds," Hillary describes. After graduating law school, she worked with the Children's Defense Fund. She wanted to be a lawyer for poor kids, so she stayed away from big firms. "Working to give every child a better shot at the future has been my focus ever since," the presidential hopeful explained.

Her transition into politics didn't start early but she recalled her mother, Dorothy Rodham, was a Democrat and her father was a Republican. "They canceled out each other's vote," she muses.

Through it all, she remembers the best advice she ever got was from her mom telling her: "Everyone falls down. What matters is that you pick yourself up and keep going."

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