Jul 18, 2016 03:40 AM EDT

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 52 Review: Future Trunks Meets Gohan; New Character Revealed

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 52 has shown Future Trunks and Gohan's meeting in the present timeline. This week's installment is entitled "Master and Student Reunion- Son Gohan and 'Future' Trunks."

Attack of the Fanboy reported that "Dragon Ball Super" episode 52 opened with Bulma fixing the time machine. There was also a scene of Vegeta training by himself to become strong enough to beat Black Goku.

Future Trunks and Gohan bond with one another in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 52. The latest installment is filled with flashbacks from Future Trunks regarding Gohan of the future. Goku's son introduced Future Trunks to his family including Pan, Videl and Hercule.

According to Design&Trend, Future Trunks is shocked to find Gohan "completely different than the one he knew." Gohan was Trunks' hardcore trainer in the future but, in the present timeline he is a scholar.

The publication noted that it was after the Buu saga that Gohan became "weaker and domesticated."

Goku, along with Beerus and Whis, go to Universe 10 in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 52. They are following the power level that they felt from Black Goku.

A new character was also revealed at the end of the episode. Viewers are given a first glimpse of Zamasu, who is living on a strange-looking planet.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 51 revealed the history of Future Trunks and Mai as well as gave clues on Black Goku's identity. The villain was shown wreaking havoc in the future timeline. An interesting scene showed the villain's body flashing and changed to showcase Goku's original orange jumpsuit.

Future Trunks talked about his relationship with Future Mai after he saw Present Mai. He told her how important she will become in the future.

She was the one who assembled a resistance group to combat Black Goku. The villain had already killed half of the human population by then.

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