Dec 01, 2016 04:24 AM EST

‘The Defenders’ TV Series Air Date, Latest News & Updates: Luke-Claire-Jessica Love Triangle Behind-The Scenes; Who will Luke Cage Choose?

By Din Rose

Netflix "The Defenders" TV Series gets another headline! Not for its superhero powers, but for their love life. Notably, Mike Colter's Luke Cage, Krysten Ritter's Jessica Jones, and Rosario Dawson's Claire Temple MCU love triangle heats up the show a lot. The three will explore love as normal people are, while they go on fighting the evil forces of the night. Although, everyone's biggest question remains to who's Luke's final choice.

"The Defenders" TV Series will be one of the most explosive franchise next year. And, now it's already sweeping everybody's attention, especially its characters secret life.

According to Movie News Guide, Colter's Luke relationship with Ritter's Jessica extended to marriage. However, that's in the comic versions, there's a huge possibility that it will also be explored in "The Defenders" TV Series.

Nonetheless, the comic version also predicts about Colter's Luke attachment to his prior love interest Dawson's Claire. Currently, there were leaked photos of "The Defenders" TV Series showing the two's closeness. Reasonably, the Marvel Cinematic show will have a huge difference with its origin.

In Movie Pilot's previous report, it highlights how Temple is a better choice for Luke Cage on the small screen. Notably, the comic couple's relations were already strained with a number of secrets they hide. Unlike, Cage and Temple's fresh relation that presents a clean slate.

No matter who Luke Cage choose, positively he will end up with somebody he has a history with. He will only choose a prior girlfriend or an old love.

To sum up, "The Defenders" TV Series fans will see more of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Claire Temple relationship twists. Surely, the showrunners are already cooking a huge surprise for everybody.

"The Defenders" will hit the small screen next year. For the latest news and updates, just stay tuned to Jobs & Hire.

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