Dec 02, 2016 06:09 AM EST

‘Vikings’ Season 4 Episode 11 Recap Episode 12 Spoiler Air Date, Latest News & Updates: Impending Family-Betrayals Loom With Lothbroks!

By Din Rose

"Vikings" Season 4 Episode 11 finally lands! Immediately, the show delivers heart-stopping incidents. Apparently, everyone predicted (Travis Fimmel) Ragnar Lothbrok's dark comeback yet the fans weren't prepared for Kattegat's hostility. Moreover, "Vikings" Season 4 Episode 12 predicts more family treachery and conspiracy; Brewing betrayals hover just around everybody.

"Will Ragnar Really Die Or Not?" The impending news of the King's death stands out in the show. While, no one knows what will be Kattegat's future due to its rulers.

"Vikings" Season 4 Episode 11 depicts a simple idea of (Alex Andersen) Ivar The Boneless and his father's difference. This brought the chain of first betrayals in the show: "It's a rude awakening for them and they have to balance their feelings towards him with the general feeling of betrayal that a lot of people feel, including his sons."

The father-and-son similarity brought them to journey to Wessex by themselves alone. Notably, Kattegat people and Ragnar's other sons slammed their king with an accusation of Gods abandonment.

Seemingly, "Vikings" Season 4 Episode 12 Lothbrok's family strain extends to the former queen: "All the men [Lagertha's] been involved with have betrayed her or let her down." The words speak loudly about Ragnar's affair with Aslaug.

In the recent news, Lagertha seems to be involved with a new lover, Astrid. And, the two plans to launch their wrath to the new queen, positively all over Kattegat. 

The betrayal lists go on for "Vikings" Season 4 Episode 12, "So Björn might take this opportunity to take his revenge on Rollo and kill him." Another, family treachery is on the plate.

In the past Ragnar's brother, (Clive Standen) Rollo planned a massacre for them; Bjorn doesn't forget. The charismatic prince knows well when to strike revenge and it may be now.

To sum up, "Vikings" Season 4 Lothbroks "Viking" blood is surely etched with the word, betrayal. Everyone will see more of them on Dec. 7, 2017. 

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