Dec 05, 2016 05:52 AM EST

The 3 Must-Read Books That Entrepreneurs Need To Have

Learning in business is not always achievable by experiencing things first hand. Taking a glance at the life and practices of other successful business personalities can also help a staunch entrepreneur build his own identity in the market. One of the best ways to do this is by reading business books that are written by those who are already on top of their business career.

Although it's not a guarantee that by only reading books one can succeed in business. Practice is still the most powerful tool. However, reading books give the entrepreneur the edge as he can use these ideas to further improve his knowledge and skills crafting his own company. Fortune revealed a list of great business books and here are the top 3:

Pre-Suasion - Robert Cialdini

In business, persuasiveness is an important key to success. And in executing a persuasive blow towards the market, timing is everything. Robert Cialdini's Pre-Suasion tells the proper way of setting up the market to be able to effectively influence the target customers.

Right Away and All At Once - Greg Brenneman

Change is constant in business. Sometimes it results in a favorable condition, but sometimes it also put the business in a critical situation. Right Away and All At Once is a book written by former Burger King CEO Greg Brenneman. The book contains solutions and practices that allow an entrepreneur to measure the success or downfall of his enterprise.

How to Have a Good Day - Caroline Webb

Sometimes, no matter how an entrepreneur maintains his drive, time will always come when the driving force is not enough to propel him for a day or even week. Countless challenges in running a business definitely burn out anyone in its path. However, there is always an easy way out and still keep the determination on fire. How to Have a Good Day by Caroline Webb reveals the seven building blocks of a good day, and teaches any entrepreneur how they can maintain the positive drive from sunup to sundown.

Practice is still the ultimate tool for learning. However, there are a bunch of other things that an entrepreneur can do in order to improve his performance as a key player in his own enterprise. For more business tips and ideas, check out a report by Jobs & Hire about how to succeed in business with an actual plan.

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