Dec 08, 2016 06:57 AM EST

Job Interview Tips & Hacks: Awkward Mannerisms Job Seeker Should Avoid

Job interviews are pretty much the scariest moments for job seekers. When fear and anxiety takes over, you tend to show some mannerisms that might not help you get the job you wanted. Before you go to that interview, be prepared and learn about a few job interview tips and hacks about mannerism you should avoid.

Some job interview tips and hacks that job seekers need to take note of is to never knock at the door. According to Career Cast, this common mannerism should be avoided because it would mean that you lack self-confidence. When you are called to come in, just do it and give the interviewer a firm handshake.

When you step in that room, your first initiative would be to sit down but restrain yourself from doing so. Don't sit down when you aren't invited to but wait for the signal. It's a common mannerism for job seekers to sit down right away but it would be a plus for you if you don't because it simply shows you respect authority.

Not talking about unnecessary things is also an important job interview hack to take note of. There are only a few things you can talk about during a job interview and if you want to tell a story, choose carefully. There are a few stories or topics you can talk about with your interviewer that would be appropriate for the situation.

Another job interview tip would be letting your interviewer finish his or her sentences. In a report by Job Interview Wisdom, stepping on the last three words of your interviewer is just plain rude. Let the interviewer take the lead.

One last job interview tip that might help you get that job is to always consider that the interview is not over until you get off that building. You might think it's crazy but just do it.

There are more job interview tips and hacks out there but these are simple tips that could help you land your dream job. For more topics about jobs and interviews, make sure to stay tuned.

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