Dec 11, 2016 02:10 AM EST

'One Piece' Chapter 849 Updates & Spoilers: A Heartbreaking Sacrifice

"One Piece" Chapter 849 is expected to be the most heartbreaking episode as Pudding runs away from her wedding with Sanji. Looks like Big Mom will face betrayal from her own daughter in this most awaited chapter of the animated series.

In the past, Pudding paid a visit to Nami and Luffy in the prison. Before she bid goodbye to the two prisoners, she whispered something. Both Luffy and Nami were shocked by Pudding's acts as well as her decision. At last, Pudding will reveal her decision in "One Piece" Chapter 849.According to News Everyday, it looks like Pudding have made up her mind because she did not try to elaborate her decision to Luffy even if the latter begged her to. Pudding's decision may be influenced by her love for Sanji in the next chapter of "One Piece."

In "One Piece" Chapter 849, Big Mom's soldiers may be attacked by the Soul King. While the fighters are in card costumes in this battle, their souls may be taken by Brook. However, Big Mom may let go of the act and allow Brook to be in the upcoming chapter.In this battle where the fighters are in card costumes, Brook may take out their souls. Big Mom may ignore the act and let Brook be in the upcoming chapter.Based on the sequence of events, Brook may be in danger in "One Piece" Chapter 849. Big Mom may give in to her pride and take Brook down in the series. On the otherhand, Yonko may need to have a fight with Brook to let him pay the price of his actions.

Meanwhile, it is apparent that Pudding is about to betray her mother for the sake of Sanji's happiness in "One Piece" Chapter 849. Pudding urged her intention to run away from tying the knot. This judgement may be one of the reasons why Big Mom became outrageous in "One Piece" Chapter 849. Pudding's abandonment may revive Lola's memories which according to Big Mom was accused to have ran away from political marriage.

"One Piece" Chapter 849 is set to be released this week. Watch out for Pudding's thoughest decision in her life.


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