Jan 02, 2017 11:15 AM EST

Hate Getting Work Emails After Your Normal Shift? Move To France

France decided to give a belated present for employees in the country. Starting January 1, the new law called "right to disconnect" will be implemented, much to the joy of employees except those who are a tad workaholic.

Getting urgent emails after work hours irritates most employees. However, they cannot do anything about it because most of the time how they respond to late-night emails factors in on their career evaluation.

France has decided to do something about it, allowing employees to resist their employees' after-hour demands. Employers will have to honor the new law, which gives employees the right not to check their work emails if they are already out of the office, The Guardian reported.

The initiative is part of France's plan to give employees the chance to achieve a work and life balance. Jobs & Hire previously reported about the secret to having enough time for the other important parts of life despite a demanding job.

The new law applies to companies and businesses that have 50 employees or more. The law aims to reduce the stress that employees usually get when they are forced to answer work emails when they should be at home spending time with family or resting.

The culture that allowed employers to contact their employees beyond the normal working hours has allegedly led to many physical and psychological problems. The new law is part of a set of labor laws in France that will supposedly make employees healthier and happier.

While the law requires employers to negotiate with their employees about communication beyond working hours, it will not impose any sanction on companies that failed to implement any related procedure. This might dishearten employees who are looking forward to being able to fight for their right to not check work emails after their shift.

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