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Choosing The Right Job Applicant Is Easy With These Steps

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Times have really changed. Job applicants are no longer limited to just passing resumes in person to just a few companies at a time. Now, with the internet and social media, they can pass on hundreds of resumes to hundreds of companies if they want to.

But hiring difficulties remain the same. Although many companies are using the services of HR consultants, they still find it hard to select the right job applicant that will perfectly fit their job openings.

In this regard, consider these suggestions in choosing the right job candidates. They are easy to apply and will facilitate your selection of the right applicant who has the most perfect fit.

1. Use a pre-screening system

Assuming that you already have a definite idea of the required qualifications for your job opening, you have to find an appropriate recruiting system that will pre-screen the candidates and will also rate their capabilities. In this way, you will be able to weed out those which are not qualified and only spend your time wading through applicants that are potentially fit for the job.

2. Look for a pattern of success

Before you interview an applicant, review his resume thoroughly and see if there is a pattern of success in the job experiences he listed. When he comes for the interview, ask him to discuss his former job experiences and be watchful if he would mention instances where he thought he had exceeded expectations and made a mark. This will show you how he values himself and how he measures his successes.

3. Ask them to spend a day of work at your office

When you already have a short list, and before you decide on whom to hire, schedule each applicant to spend a day of work at your office for the job they are applying for. This will allow you to see how they will function amidst your office or work culture. Do it as if he is already a part of your staff.

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