Apr 07, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

5 Things You Should Never Discuss On Phone Or Text At Work

By R S Ali

Emailing and texting sure is simpler, and easier, and saves us a lot of valuable time specially at the workplace. But they can also make a bad situation worse.

So here are some conversations at work that you should definitely keep for face to face and not replace with modern non-personal forms of communication.

1. Complimenting and criticizing

If you think an employee's performance is falling back, you need to do the necessary in person. You want to get the reaction you want, something that you will never be able to on text.

Besides, you want to prepare them a little but, and nothing does that like human interaction. Be kind and gentle yet firm - a text just does not do all of that.

Conversely, if you want to offer congratulations or kudos to someone, keep it personal. Make sure you deliver these in person, because the impact that will have cannot be replaced. 

2. Reporting problems to the boss 

Your concerns about other people should always, always be done in person. Not only is it always better to convey exactly what you are thinking and how you are thinking it (when has text ever been able to do that?) but also, it is too easy to get caught up in gossip on emails and text.

Before you know it you are wasting valuable time, not to mention putting yourself at risk of getting a sensitive correspondence like that on record from where it can accidentally or on purpose be forwarded or shared.

3.   Announcing changes in personnel

Never, ever fire someone on text or email. If there is any chance they would not take it personally, you end that by writing an email or texting to someone that their employment is terminated.

Same goes for personnel changes, demotions - even promotions.

Almost anyone you ask will consider it a sign of decency to fire someone or demote them in person when needed.

Also, as an employee, do not resign or give notice in text or email - give your two week notice in advance.

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