Apr 08, 2016 09:37 AM EDT

Is Your Coworker Out To Get You? Find Out With These Signs

By R S Ali

Having a co worker out to get you for any reason is stressful and can be hazardous to your career and even your mental health. Recognize the signs that Monster gives in this article.

As general advice goes, make sure you document anything you need you will need later (emails, for example) that prove that a colleague or God forbid a superior is out for your blood.

Also learn to recognize when they are going too far and who you can talk to for help if necessary.

Drama at the office is more common than you might think, and usually stems from dissatisfaction of a stressed workforce. Or, of course, it could just mean there's someone toxic on staff.

Know the signs of this alarming event in case this happens to you.

1. Someone has been tampering with your computer

If you get a message that warns you against entering the wrong password too many times and it wasn't you, someone may be trying to access private files. Change your password frequently and try not to mis-enter so that wrong entries are caught with ease.

If you find someone has been trying to open or modify or delete something of yours, they may be looking for something to use against you. Be careful.

2. Someone at work makes it a point to highlighting your errors

Is someone trying to insult and humiliate you every chance they get? Is a co-worker highlighting the smallest of your mistakes and trying to blow them up to everyone? This is a big red flag, especially when the mistakes do not have big consequences - and also when they are being broadcast to the superiors. 

3. Are people telling you a colleague is talking behind your back? 

Maybe he/she is trying to get people against you and on they are probably trying to undermine you and ruin your credibility to leas to your ultimate ruin.

Also watch out for colleagues downplaying your success. 

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